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Culture Czars Podcast with Will Scott

Mar 21, 2019

Today’s topic will make us realize why a valued culture is more impacting in the lives of the employees in relation to how they live up to the company's culture. Companies as an entity can survive with having core values alone but why is it that valued culture must play an important role in shaking the companies to their roots?


Our guest in today’s show will bring us this enlightenment as she defines corporate culture in a whole new level. Let us all welcome Kitsa Antonopoulos, the successful founder and CEO of Lumiere Children’s Therapy. Let us all be inspired by this leader’s heartwarming success story from starting out a small company and turned it big, simply by being guided by the core values of the company she has established.


Being in the company of children led her to the decision to choose core values that would make every person inside the company be as free spirited and fun loving like kids. She will share with us the different set of core values their company believes in that makes it different from other child care companies and how they managed to sustain it through the years. Let us all be guided with the beautiful advices she will be sharing with us that are quite on point and outright sensible.


In this episode, you will learn:

1:35 – How Lumiere started out as a company

3:50 – What is corporate culture

5:58 – The culture in Lumiere – positive, happy, collaborative, upbeat, busy

8:59 – Lumiere’s core values – Believe, Connect, Teach and Learn, Have Fun

10:10 – How Lumiere arrived with their core values

21:50 – Kitsa shares her personal experience about a culture that doesn’t fit her

personality and its impact on her

26:18 – Kitsa’s favorite story about the practice of core values

28:46 – Advice to listeners




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