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Culture Czars Podcast with Will Scott

Dec 10, 2019

As technology has changed, so has our culture. The result is a new breed of worker in the Millennial generation, with their own unique set of values. The traditional styles of management and employee retention are no longer useful to much of the workforce. So what are the best ways for companies to adapt to this change?

Aaron Levy is here to help companies adapt to the changing times.

Aaron Levy is Founder and CEO of Raise The Bar, a management training company that has set out to transform the managerial role. Aaron is also a speaker and author of the book Open, Honest, and Direct. This week host Will Scott is joined by Aaron to talk about his company, writing his new book, and the importance of a strong culture in his company.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

[1:12] Background on Raise The Bar

[4:48] How the training system at Raise The Bar works

[7:54] Discussion on Aaron’s new book, Open, Honest, and Direct

[10:31] Aaron’s experience defining the culture at his company

[15:10] Extending the Culture of Raise The Bar to their clients’

[16:29] What are some of the Core Values at Aaron’s company?

[23:09] Why “having fun” is a Core Value

[31:04] An example of living the core values from Aaron’s work history

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