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Culture Czars Podcast with Will Scott

May 6, 2019

Finding Core Values is obviously an important step in the process, and bringing them to life is equally so. The next obstacle is getting the employees to bring them to life and live them in their daily routines. So what are the best ways to encourage members of an organization to continue living the Core Values in Company Culture?

Part of the idea of bringing Core Values to life is finding an ideal way of communicating them to the employees and members of the company. There are many possibilities for announcing Core Values, and one of the best is to throw a Launch Party.

Will Scott joins Dr. Jeremy Weisz to talk about his new book The Culture Fix. Join Will and Jeremy while they talk about how to unveil new Core Values to a company, and how to make sure they are lived in the daily life of a company.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [01:40] Decree: The story of the Core Values launch party for SABRE
  • [03:15] The 228 Award: Using the the story of the start of SABRE to reward employees who live the Core Values
  • [04:10] How to integrate the Core Values into the daily life of a company, and how to get employees to live the Core Values
  • [06:12] How to incorporate the Company Vision into the daily routines of the employees
  • [07:41] Dictating: the importance of giving a Core Values speech at the launch party
  • [09:44] What happens when someone is not excited by the implementation of new values, and why it is a good thing if someone quits because of Core Values
  • [11:28] And of course, what did software look like 20 years ago?

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