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Culture Czars Podcast with Will Scott

Sep 10, 2019

Will Scott has made company culture his life’s work. His book, his company, and these vlogs have shown the value and importance of having clear Core Values leads to a strong Corporate Culture. 

So where did Will get the passion to take on this profession? What were the events and choices in Will’s life which led him to start Culture Czars and help people create a strong culture, so that people love where they work, and why they work?

This week Will is joined by Adam Boyd, Vice President of Client Sales at Beneplace, LLC. Beneplace helps employers attract, retain and recognize their people, their most critical asset. They discuss Will’s story, including how he started his company in 1999, his time in the Royal Marines, and why he places such values in Culture. 


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

[2:48] Will's story and how he became a culture consult

[6:24] Why Will became interested in core values

[9:59] The lines between culture and Community can be blurred

[11:30] The inspiration behind the decision to start his company in 1999

[14:48] A culture which has Trust is more productive than one with fear

[17:55] Will’s time in the Royal Marines, and how his time there carried over into his professional life

[25:20] Core values should be more than just words on a Wall

[28:44] Why core values are sometimes ignored by employees

[31:27] What companies must sacrifice in order to implement strong core values

[35:25] Some employees will fear discussion about culture and feelings

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