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Culture Czars Podcast with Will Scott

Sep 3, 2019

Leadership is a difficult thing to pin down, but Mel Schwartz has developed a system. He has identified three pillars of leadership which highlight key traits that are necessary to a great leader.

Mel Schwartz is a psychotherapist, author, marriage counselor, speaker, and consultant. Mel works globally by Skype and locally in Westport, CT, and Manhattan. 

In this episode, Mel joins Will Scott to discuss the importance of emotion on the culture of a company, the three pillars of leadership, and how thoughts can create change in people’s lives.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [1:20] The importance of emotion in the culture of a company
  • [4:01] Emotional Intelligence, and why that’s the first of Mel’s Pillars of Leadership
  • [7:57] Mel’s idea of Intellectual Intuition
  • [9:25] Authenticity: Mel’s second Pillar of Leadership
  • [11:49] Becoming authentic is easier for older people, and Mel’s ideas to instill authenticity in our children
  • [15:20] What is Radical Emotional Intimacy?
  • [20:55] Who in the world might exemplify the Three Pillars of Leadership?
  • [23:45] The difference between defining moments and confining moments 
  • [25:31] How we can create change in ourselves through our thoughts
  • [31:03] Mel’s final thoughts for leaders in the corporate world

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