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Culture Czars Podcast with Will Scott

Nov 20, 2018

If you got the culture right, everything else will follow. That line captures the core of today’s episode. It is my honor to have Rachel Nielsen as a guest, the founder, and CEO of Result Drivers. The company designed to train leaders how to be result oriented. Rachel Nielsen will remind us of one of Newton’s laws: Cause and Effect. We will talk about how one person’s actions create impact and why results matter. We will also discuss the importance of having fun at work and with the people you work with an amazing realization.

I had an amazing realization. The company’s core values must be an essential aspect of an everyday operation. This important reminder resulted from a story Rachel will be sharing with us. There was an instance in the early stage of the company when the core values were not practiced. What happened to the employees involved and to the company itself? What relevant lesson did Rachel learn because of that? Let’s all tune in and find out together.


“We are people first. So, we have to treat one another as people.”


- Rachel Nielsen



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In this episode, you will learn:

1:21 – What Result Drivers as a company does and its background

3:37 –  The culture in Result Drivers and what is unique about its language

8:05 – Personal perspective about what culture is

8:52 – An example from personal experience of a toxic culture

13:47 – The process that brought about the culture in Result Drivers

14:55 – Employee awareness about the company’s culture and core values, and the practices that showcase these values

17:45 – A big mistake from the past and the lesson that came with it

20:25 – An event that resulted from violating the culture of Result Drivers and the realizations that came with it

26:40 – Rachel’s advice to the audience in managing culture as a leader – the importance of soft skills and EQ




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