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Culture Czars Podcast with Will Scott

Aug 27, 2019

Will Scott has made a career and reputation of helping people develop strong Core Values and Culture, as we have heard on this program. But what is his history?

Will has over 20 years of experience building companies and culture, including his own Waer Systems. 

In this episode, the tables are turned on Will and John Corcoran interviews him to learn more about the Values that shaped the early days of Waer Systems, what companies can do to screen new hires for culture synergy, and how the leaders of an organization can know if their Culture is working.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • [1:59] How Will started Waer Systems
  • [3:01] Core Values can’t just be words on a wall
  • [4:08] The early days of Waer and how they built a strong Culture
  • [5:39] The first Core Values of the company
  • [9:05] How to reward employees who live the Core Values
  • [11:15] How to screen potential hires for a good fit
  • [12:38] How public should the Core Values be?
  • [15:59] Will management know if the Culture of a company is strong?
  • [17:30] When a culture goes off track
  • [19:50] Giving a reason for work can empower employees 
  • [21:40] Who Will thanks for his success

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